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December 2018

By Tennessee Williams

Exeter Phoenix

Dice Box Theatre Company.

Director: Anastasia Bunce

Assistant Director: James Joseph

Stage Manager: Lucy Corley

Composer: Oliver Rose

Costume Designer: Molly Thatcher

Show Photographer: Stuart Ray

Cast: Cat Blanchfield, Harry Douglas-Jones, Jamie Warren, Hannah Johnston, Gianni Grioli, Neha Shaji, Cerys Lewis, Will Byford.

'Bunce’s directorial style is one of the most memorable elements of this retelling' - Exeposé

Tennessee Williams’ acclaimed Summer and Smoke (1948) is a romance-drama that explores youth and desire, following the lives of spiritual Alma Winemiller, a minister’s daughter, and the charmingly reckless doctor John Buchanan.

Witness the unravelling of the two’s attempt to find a common language of love.

John: You know I like you and I think you’re worth a lot of consideration.

Alma: Why?

John: Because you have a lot of feeling in your heart, and that’s a rare thing. It makes you too easily hurt. Did I hurt you tonight?

Summer Smoke.jpg

Poster by: Mo Patel

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