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March/August 2018

by Anastasia Bunce

Exeter Phoenix and Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Dice Box Theatre Company

Director: Anastasia Bunce

Assistant Director: Abigail Milne

Producer: Dawn Adrian

Choreographer: Becky Dawson

Composer: Oliver Rose

Lighting Designer: Laura Novak

Stage Managers: Alicia Ha and Kanon Tsuda

Show Photographer: Stuart Ray

Cast: Becky Dawson, Guilhem Kirby, Thomas Gunning, Nureen Kirefu, Sonia Beard, Ciara Bone, Heidi Abbott, Lucy Ellen.

'Anastasia Bunce’s plot is dark, twisting and unconventional, and her direction mirrors this' - Exeposé

‘If there is one word to describe Plucked, it is unforgettable.' - Exeposé

'And cos she can’t talk, I’ll never know what she’s truly thinking or feeling. But that doesn’t make me love her any less.’

Original dark comedy and physical theatre show 'Plucked' explores the connection between human and animal lives through the eyes the Nash’s youngest child. Twelve years old and still mute, Rudy becomes a struggle for the whole family. In the race for the ‘survival of the fittest’, will the world ever learn to accept this beacon of truth in a maze of adult lies?

Plucked 2.jpg

Poster by: Mo Patel

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