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Meat Cute

Written and performed by Bibi Lucille

Directed and produced by Anastasia Bunce

Gilded Balloon 2-27 August 2023 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Previous runs:

Vault Festival March 2023

Chiswick Playhouse, Hen and Chickens Theatre and The Bread and Roses Theatre (2021)

Offest Finalist.

A woman is on a mission to find the perfect candidate. Tinder. Vegans. Apple juice. Will she ever swipe right? 14 dates later, a broken family, a Pomeranian named Mozart and an eviction notice, is this rebellion or simply a cry for help? Meat Cute asks: how does a 23 year old woman navigate a world governed by masculinity and violence, and, how far is too far.

'Beautifully directed' (Heather Moulson for Mark Aspen)

'Funny, engaging and utterly thought-provoking' (5 Stars, West End Best Friend) 

'Highly Moving' (5 Stars, Motivate Magazine) 

'This is an excellent play, well written, directed and performed and if the standard remains this high, they are sure to continue to grow as a theatre company' (5 Stars, North West End)

'Anastasia Bunce’s direction celebrates the farcical aspects of the piece, even the costume changes are done on stage and in character, ensuring we never lose the energy that powers this fast paced play. Some of the more ridiculous plot points push the boundaries of believability but you accept them because they exist in this vivid reality that Lucille and Bunce have created.' (4 stars, View from the Outside)

'Theatre is a medium, where done well, is supposed to make you think, change opinions/ possibly change your way of life and I’ve got to be honest, after watching ‘Meat Cute’ I’m considering going vegan.'

(4.5 stars, Theatre and Other Things)

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