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Blood On Your Hands

Written by Grace Joy Howarth

Directed and produced by Anastasia Bunce

Cockpit Theatre (June 2022)

Blood on Your Hands is a contemporary piece that looks at the forgotten victims of the meat industry: the slaughterhouse workers. Focusing on Ukrainian vet Kazimir, and prospectless English lad Dan, the themes of toxic masculinity, mental health, animal cruelty, xenophobia and classism are explored.

'Sinister, moving and electric, Blood On Your Hands explores the dark side of the meat industry and the effects it has on the workers involved.' (London Theatre Reviews, 5 stars) 

'Bunce flawlessly brings the text to life using creative staging techniques and some physical movements sequences that captures the essence of the play.'(London Theatre Reviews, 5 stars) 

'An incredibly moving and disturbing piece. Its bravery in highlighting the lesser-known story of the exploited abattoir workers is commendable and brings to light the fact that a controversial topic such as veganism, has no need to be controversial at all.' (London Theatre Reviews, 5 stars) 

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